Our People


Our People

We’re daring and our team gathers different minds and personalities that contribute to a complementary relationship, both internally and with our clients. We’re highly skilled and digitally wise and we balance solidity, pragmatism and creative vision. We intersect numbers and creativity to express our unique voice on the digital market.

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We’re equally skilled when it comes to turning numbers into user-friendly tools for business growth. We make the complex easy to understand and guide our clients through their online journey. We use our knowledge to create and implement digital strategies for local and international businesses so that they too become more daring.

Our office is our playground and passion and experience are engraved in our DNA. This is what drives our performance. We’re fast, we are not afraid to experiment, we’re ambitious, we always work on improving our work, we’re accountable and we take ownership of our activities.

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Ciprian Susanu

General Manager

Florentina Vasile

Digital Account Manager

Silviu Caradima

Digital Account Manager

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We choose our colleagues dependent on their attitude and affinity, not entirely based on skill and knowledge. We believe that experience can be gained, while personality and attitude are outlined by your DNA.

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