We develop effcient digital strategies by debunking popular myths and by challenging the status quo of how the industry is thought to perform. We believe in sustainable growth and transparency in everything we do, therefore we are straighforward and honest. We balance the desired outcome with what is feasible and we come up with a personalized online formula for each brand or business.

I want to be the first on Google

A well-known myth in the online marketing industry, based on two invalid beliefs: organic results are for free or more credible according to potential clients.

It’s better if I implement my online campaigns

A frequent myth on the market, based on the generalization, after one or two negative experiences, that online specialists do not bring results and do not develop strategies that are related to business objectives.

Social Media does not bring sales

Many specialists claim that social media does not bring ROI, but the reality is that it helps in every stage of online marketing, mainly in the awareness and consideration phases, that bring tangible results after.

Facebook is more effective than Google

A myth based on the increasing costs of Google Search, which determines the migration to Facebook of specialists from many industries. The reality is that both Google and Facebook are two promotional channels and their effectiveness depends on the strategy and the communication messages.


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